Queer Eye for the Chainsaw Guy: The Queer Art of Horror

My essay on the queer art of horror is up on Lambda Literary.

This is a bleeding nonmonogamous conditional love letter to the queer art that is horror in film, art, and literature—its aesthetic, its vibrancy, its opening of doors (no, but don’t open that door!), its making room, its perversion and subversion, its desire and delight.

More here.

Thank you for reading! What’s your most beloved horror film?

The Limits of Love: On Queer Becoming and Juno's Swans, by Tamsen Wolff

My review of Tamsen Wolff’s novel Juno’s Swans is up on Lambda Literary.

The trajectory of queer first love stories is the trajectory of infinite potential and adventure. It may be fantasy, but it’s the kind of fantasy that makes the world a little more bearable. The day you get tired of the coming out story is the day you get tired of realization, of becoming, of creation and becoming with others. I don’t know what you read about when you get tired of becoming. Maybe you read about ennui. I’m told there’s a lot of footnotes and tennis involved.

More here. Thanks for reading. What’s your favorite queer coming of age story?