Towards a Less Oppressive Art Space: Some Concrete Things We Can Do

Love Is Coming, Unknown Artist, Figueres, Spain. 

Love Is Coming, Unknown Artist, Figueres, Spain. 

Concrete Active Things MFA Programs, Residencies, Fellowships, Workshops, Classes, Literary Magazines, Festivals, Reading Series, Theaters, Arts Organizations, Teachers, and Artists Might Do or Ask To Reduce The Violence of White Supremacist thin Able Bodied Cishetero Patriarchal Class Oppression in Our Art Spaces
We should be making art instead of crying in the bathrooms

the awp 2018 presentation "A Loving Act of Expression interrupted: notes from the crying bench" based on this paper is linked here

This is just a beginning. If you have more ideas please contact me or @me, #lessfuckery. Thank you so much for your thoughts. 

Introduction: "Ours could have been a dope workshop."  

“Twenty years since the workshop and what I’m left with now is not bitterness or anger but an abiding sense of loss. Lost time, lost opportunities, lost people. When I think on it now what’s most clear to me is how easily ours could have been a dope workshop. Junot Diaz, “MFA vs. POC," The New Yorker

This is not a repository for anecdotes ... This is about locations with which many of us are all-too familiar: the bathroom, the smoking bench, the removed cafeteria table; the places we go cry and support one another after a workshop has gone violent. The places we go to ask if we are crazy or if this really happened and some things we can do to avoid them. [Read More]. 

I. What Artists Can Do (Including Writers) [Read More]
II. What Curators, Readings Series, Literary Journals, Galleries, Museums, and Theaters Can Do [More]
III. What MFA Programs, Schools, And Residencies Can Do [Read More]

Appendix One: Sample Statement on Micro-Aggressions [Read More]
Appendix Two: Thank Yous and Attributions [Read More] 
Appendix Three: Some Resources [Read More]