Acknowledgments and thank yous


I’d like to thank the following artists, institutions, teachers, and friends for their emotional labor, kindness, compassion, and thoughts on this conveyed to me directly or through their actions in the world. Any credit is theirs, and any misrepresentations mine. This is not a complete list.  

Nancy Au, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Danielle Bainbridge, Sarah Bess, Stuart Bousel, Jericho Brown, Michelle Carter, Nona Caspers, Matthew Davison, Junot Diaz, Joy Ladin, Juliana Delgado Lopera, Jay Dodd, Anne Galjour, Daphne Gottlieb, Miah Jeffra, Kar Johnson, William Johnson, Yume Kim, Haldane King, Chad Koch, Kiese Laymon, Ilana Masad, Mallory McMahon, Frederick McKindra, Lauren O’Neal,  ZZ Packer, Ploi Pirapokin, Whitney Porter, Joana Russ, Shadia Savo, Sarah Schulman, Kendra Schynert, Natalie Sharp, Ricky Tucker, Rene Vaz… The list is incomplete and extends forever.