Carson Ash Beker is the co-founder and co-director with Nicole Jost of Queer Cat Productions.


The Gay Divorce Play (A Queer Cat Productions Experience, Co-written with Nicole Jost)

Cleopatra, (With Nara Dahlbacka, 2018 Olympians Festival)

The Sorrows, (Custom Made Theater Theater, Undiscovered Works);

A Life on the Ocean Wave (July 2017, Exit Theater, Stuart Bousel Dir.)

Brizo, San Francisco Olympians Festival 6 (November 2015, Exit Theater).

Sunflower Suicide Moon, Honorable Mention, Jim Highsmith Award, staged reading at Z Space, May 2015, Nara Dahlbacka, Dir.

As Director

A Dead Name, by Kayl Frayre, Z-Below, (Greenhouse 2017)

Duplicity, by Audrey Ann, SFSU Poetry Center, (Greenhouse 2016)