" Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." 
                                                                        - Samuel Beckett

Summer workshop schedule coming soon! 

I have taught Creative Writing at San Francisco State University, at 826 Valencia, at Thrive House, and at other venues around San Francisco.      

The theme of my writing classes is serious play.  

Serious (adj): Important.  Demanding careful consideration, application, and hard work.               
Play (n): Activity done for the sake of its own reward, experimentation, fun.  

My workshops are a place for new, returning, and dedicated writers to (re)immerse, (re)discover, and develop their ideas, to meet other writers at different stages of their journeys, and to recommit to living as a writer in the world.  We meet.  We laugh.  We read.  We watch movies.  We go out into the world.  We explore.  Sometimes, we dance.  We do whatever it takes to write.   

My one day intensives are a place to recommit to writing, generate a ton of ideas, get excited again.   

My longer workshops are focused on development, (re)visiting craft, expansion, developing community.  In just a few hours a week, we will clear the cobwebs, write, learn about our writing process, find supporters, expand, develop, discover, liberate.  

Show up.  Play.  Work.  

For my workshops for younger writers, please see: http://heroicauthorsguild.org/.