Root Systems, Fairy Tale Review
Little Red Riding Hoods are always told to stay on the path
Drownboat, Spunk Art And Perspectives
No one is taking you home.
The Limits of Love, On Tamsen Wolff’s Juno’s Swans,” Lambda Literary
The trajectory of queer first love stories is the trajectory of infinite potential and adventure
An Incomplete List of Objects I Taught to Love me, Utterance Journal
1. Electric Toothbrush. Be vers.
The Two-Bit Magic Trick of Grief, On Nona Caspers The Fifth Woman, Lambda Literary
To visit this narrator’s grief, a world cracked open by absence, is to find a different way of seeing.
Queer Eye for the Chainsaw Guy: A Five Part Love Letter To Horror, Lambda Literary
This is a bleeding nonmonogamous conditional love letter to the queer art that is horror….
We Were Still Trying To Love Right Up Til The End, In Case Anything Wants to Know,” CutThroat: A Journal of the Arts
Last night when the world was ending, you asked: Are you romantic?
Nights; Devil, Sparkle & Blink
Nights the Devil’s in my closet and through the thin portal, horn + scale shining
Zombie Cat Elegy: Your Five Step Guide to Lesbian Bed Death, Foglifter (Pushcart nomination)
I’m going to fuck you I promise, but first I have to tell you this story.
They’d Never Know Would They, Gigantic Sequins
A black umbrella spins around and around and is gone or taps gently at my window, duck head handle peering in with plastic eyes.    Grief Camp (excerpt), Transfer Magazine
I look inside. I try to unclench the ghosts.
After the Bees, Bourbon Penn
The bees came into Sara's life with Heidi. It was, at first, a surprise to hear their persistent buzzing in her fifth avenue apartment.
To Market, The DrabbleCast
The last vendor arrives when the others have gone and sets his stall between the mists and the road.