The Craft of Fear

THE CRAFT OF FEAR is an investigation of horror/ dark fantasy fiction as a feminist/queer/subversive/transgressive medium.

huanted House

It’s a syllabus in response to this question: what is fear? How do we write it? How does it set us free? What makes horror as literary as minimalist realism? Why do so many “literary” writers pretend they don’t have a secret stash of Stephen King.

The goal is to contribute to the rich and deeply layered conversation about horror literature, to provide further resources, and to develop a method of critical response/ craft/ story launch for craft geek DOOM COOKIES like me.

If you want a place to come write horror, I got one for you. If you’d like to recommend a story, a resource, or discuss, come find me on Facebook. 

This is just a beginning. Don’t split up. Don’t go upstairs. Don’t open that door.